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6 Digital Marketing strategies you (Business Owner) should use to acquire more customers.

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6 Digital marketing strategies – YOU SIMPLY CANNOT MISS THEM.

I am a firm believer in the law of 20-80.

Which says 20% of your customer base should generate 80% of your revenue.

I do not like chasing new customer base again and again.

I believe as a marketer we should create a digital marketing strategy where we create and nurture a customer base which stays with us for long and has a relative hight LTV (Lifetime Value).

Now the question comes how do we do that. In 2020, where the marketing space is so cluttered and there is a hell lot of noise in the market – Buy me – buy me – buy me.

How do you differentiate yourself?

Let me tell you 6 digital marketing strategies things that you can do to beat the clutter and reach out to your target audience and create the game of 20-80, for your business.

Micro Video Content.

Believe me, this is one hell of a thing that is going viral. Micro video is typical of 15 secs to 1 min long. You can use it for;

  • A quick product introduction.
  • A promotion coupon info.
  • A webinar introduction.
  • A new product launch.
  • Introduce a new blog.
  • Synopsis of your new youtube video.
  • Promote your new podcast.

Watch this.

Generally on Facebook video ads if you are able to capture your audience view for 10 to 15 secs, believe me, its an achievement.

So try and communicate all of your important points/USPs in the first 15 secs. Do not worry about how you look or how cluttered is your space, just record a quick video and post it.

Video Testimonials.

Ask your happy (No one is satisfied in this industry) customers to give you a micro-video testimonial. Direct him the keyword to use and get it.

Use it;

  • On your website.
  • Landing page.
  • On your social media pages/profiles.
  • On Tik Tok.
  • In email marketing campaigns.

People want to see happy faces, they connect with that. This can create trust in your target audience and they may want to work with you.


The podcast is a big thing in the western country, and it is gaining momentum globally. People are connecting to it. It works because it’s in audio format and people can listen to it while doing other things. Right now while writing this blog I am listening to Gary Vee.

So, now the question comes what can you do here.

  • Create a series of DIY (Do it yourself). Tell your target audience how they can solve little things on their own which otherwise costs huge if they consult a digital marketing expert.
  • Talk to influencers and share the way they hep start-ups or business houses grow.
  • Give voice to your blog. May be elaborate it further.
  • Talk to people who are getting benefited by digital marketing, tell your audience that they can also get benefited.
  • Interview your happy customers, make an audio case study.

Look, it’s all about a little effort that you put here. 


LinkedIn is getting bigger in terms of user base and relevance. Its a gem for B2B companies. If you are a B2B company do try it. 

Yes, its paid ads are a bit costly but hey it’s all about optimisation. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile and a business page there. Go and create it now.

Create Email subscriber base.

You got to have an email subscriber base, create a funnel make sure your traffic submits their email id. 

You got to give them something that they give your email id.

What can be done here;

  • Give some freebies.
  • Give promotional coupons.
  • Give DIY tips.
  • Some e-book.

Why do you need email id?

You need email id to create a smooth communication channel with your target audience. It helps you to reach to them easily and without bothering them. You can use email marketing to;

  • Send new blogs.
  • Send any new product info.
  • Send an invitation to a webinar.
  • Share any success story.

You can read this blog and know more about email marketing.

here is the 6th but most important part of digital marketing strategies, you just can not miss it.

Retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting campaigns are used by experts but many new bees are still not trying it. 

Here you target the traffic that has shown some interest in your recent campaigns. 

Benefits of retargeting ads;

  • Get repeat attention.
  • Increases awareness.
  • Increases recall value.
  • Converts traffic into prospects.
  • Generate  More sales.

Retarget marketing can be done on all paid ads platforms.


Click here to listen to Garry Vee podcast

Important Note:

Look, if you are able to execute all 6 digital marketing strategies it’s great.

But, no worries if you are unable to do all of them. Just create a six months short term goals to get all of the above strategies on the go. 

Just do it. Do not wait for another day.

Take action today.

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