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Are you looking to set up your blog?

Hire me, and I will help you set up your blog in 48 hours.

I do it using Word Press and fast hosting space.

NOTE: All right transferred, upon closure of agreement.

Who Needs Blog Set Up Service?

Companies, startups, Small business units, creators, trainers, coaches, influencers and others

✅ To share information.

✅ To publish content that the target audience is looking for.

✅ To create engagement and attract your target audience.

✅ To build email list.

✅ To generate keywords specific targets.

✅ To increase conversion ratio of CTA’s.

Blogging supports your performance marketing goals and helps you achieve them.

Connect today and hire me, I will help you Set up a blog that converts.

Blog Set up services comes with

✅ Keyword research.

✅ 1 lead generation form

✅ 3 posts (1500 words, 1000 Words, 800 Words)

✅ 1 image per blog.

✅ Social media integration

✅ Scalable Word Press themes

✅ Backlink creation (Buy separately)

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