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Behind Her Eyes Review

By June 9, 2022No Comments2 min read

Behind Her Eyes, a Netflix original series was released in 2021 and adopted from the novel “Behind her eyes” by an English author Sarah Pinborough. 

For some reason “Behind Her Eyes” does not get a mention in most of the psycho-thriller recommendations. 

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So, is this series worth watching? 

Let me unfurl it for you.

The story encircles around three major characters – Lousie ( Simona Brown), Adele ( Eve Hewson) and David ( Tom Bateman). 

The story continues at a slow pace just like any other psycho-thriller but it has something different. The psycho uses the tool for his hunt is something unusual, beyond your imagination. 

This slow-burning plot will give you enough reason to stick to it with keen attention. When some beautiful faces play with your mind, you can brainstorm, thinking of the real psycho.

Oh wait, the plot twist is yet to be done. A psycho-thriller without any bloodshed seems boring. Isn’t it?

You will experience some killing visuals without tormenting your eyes. That probably happens on a soul level. Oops, did I give a spoiler? 

The creators did a great job bringing some unusual facts before the audience. The original plot with beautiful acting will entertain you.

What I find so interesting are its twists. It surprises you at the wrong moment. Engaging content will hook you through the series.

Keeping the series in six-episode is quite commendable. The ending indicates the next season might come.

If you like a slow-developing plot with an abrupt twist, mind watching the series.

From the first episode, you might find something is wrong but you have no idea what is about to come. 

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