How to use link features in your stories effectively?

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Instagram enjoys over 1.386 billion monthly active user base, spending over average 30 minutes on daily basis.  

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With this huge user base, Instagram today has become one of the most desirable social media marketing platforms for every marketer, seller or a business house.

Instagram has a very diverse user base ranging from school going kids to the adults in their late 60’s.

This age group holds a target audience for almost every niche, so if you are a digital marketer or a seller do try marketing your product/service on Instagram. (Link your Instagram marketing services page here)

In this blog we are going to talk about “How to use Instagram Stories link features effectively?”.

What is an Instagram Story Feature?

Instagram story feature allows users to share images and short videos (15 Secs) in their IG handle. It is visible to followers for only 24 hours.

Instagram stories create a personal touch between the creator and his/her followers.

Instagram’s “Story” feature allows you to

  • Create stories that can attract followers interest, 
  • Builds engagement,
  • Generate user feedback.

Instagram claims that more than 400 millions users consume instagram stories on a daily basis.

How to create a story?

This feature is available on all IG accounts types – Personal/Creator/business.

Do this to create a story.

  • Tap on the “+” button (Look at top left on your instagram handle, you will see your profile picture in a circle).
  • Now you can either click an image (Anything that you want to share with your followers) or you can add an image from your gallery. 
  • You can record and share a short video as well, you can also upload a 1 minute video and instagram will share it in 4 parts in continuation. 
  • You have many edit options available in the story, use them to make it attractive.
  • Once edited, click on “Send to” to share your story.

How to add “LINK” to your story?

Instagram story “LINK” feature has helped creators, artists, business accounts and influencers to share resources and information that can be helpful to their followers.

Link works with images with the help of a “STICKER”.

Do this to create a link to your story.

  • Upload your content in story (Image or video).
  • Click on the sticker icon on the top navigation bar.
  • Click on the link sticker.
  • Add the URL of the web page where you want to redirect your audience, click on “DONE”
  • Click on “Send To”
  • And share in story

This is why you should use links in stories.

One of the strongest reason to use story

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Here is why you should use links in your stories, for any niches.

  1. Brand awareness: Add links to your web pages that you want to introduce to your instagram followers and increase awareness. 
  2. Increase reach: You can increase reach of your new content (Especially of the ones with less reach on others social media platforms).
  3. Drive traffic to your website/blog: Link your website page / blog posts in the story and create the possibility of diverting your story viewers to these pages and achieve your business goals.
  4. Generate/Nurture leads: Provide freebies that can be downloaded using the link through story and nurture them using email marketing for future sales.
  5. Influence app installs: One of the most important factors in app installation is “TRUST” on creators and distributors. You as an instagram creator/influencer win trust of your followers this helps you in influencing app installs. A creator in general charges as little as $1 per app install.
  6. Build an email list: One of the easiest ways to build an email list is create a planned story line around your offer and share it in your story.
  7. Promotion of free/paid resources: Introduce your free/paid resources link to your followers and help them choose to either grab it for free or buy it accordingly. 
  8. Increase ecommerce/affiliate sales: If you are an affiliate marketer or run an ecommerce business use your stories to promote your listicals through story links and increase your sales. 

With links in stories featured on instagram, you have a world of possibilities. Use your personal brand/influence on instagram, drive traffic to your business pages and achieve your business goals.

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