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Jalsa – Movie Review

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Sotryline: Jalsa

Maya Menon (Vidya Balan), an influential journalist, a single mother who stands for truth and does not give up is raising a special abled son. Around 3 in the morning, Maya was driving back home, yawning juggling between radio stations to stay awake runs over Ruksana’s (Shefali Shah) daughter.

She gets scared, drives back home, parks her car looks at the broken glass and yells in fear.

From here movies shows you different facets of human emotions and greed.

What was Ruksana’s daughter doing outside at 3 am?

Was it Maya’s fault?

Did Maya know who she hit and ran over?

Will Ruksana ever know who hit her daughter?, If yes, how will she react.

Jalsa movie review

Vidya Balan and Shefali shah have done an amazing job, story (Looked) is a bit slow in the 1st half, but if you stay till the end you understand how every scene connects and keeps you hooked.

I really did not want the movie to end. Dear makers please bring part 2 soon.

Shefali shah is getting better with every single project, I remember watching her in “WAQT” movie opposite AB, from there to here what a growth. Vidya Balan is a treat, the silence (IN interview scene) the loud yelling while looking at her car, the shock while interviewing Justice, She hooks you up. Watch trailer here.

You liked it, Right. Moving on, for me the real star of the movie is child actor Surya Kasibhatla, surya in real life is living with the disability – cerebral palsy, and ohh man believe me you will be hooked with his act.

Kudos to the casting team for taking this step, I am sure this is going to inspire other creators as well and will boost the confidence among specially abled.

Do watch the movie for the amazing crew, hooked story line, gripping performance and yeah to know how low humanity can go in greed. A good movie 🙂

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