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Best Email Marketing Software For 2022

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Email marketing is one of the most important components of digital marketing, and if you are a blogger, or a digital marketer it is a must for you. 

Email marketing is one of the most cost efficient ways to reach a target audience, or a present customer base. 

To do email marketing you need a list of email ids, which you can build over a period of time by providing something helpful to your target audience.

In this blog we are going to talk about 5 email marketing tools, which are easy to use, effective and quite resourceful.

What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software can help you keep all of your email list in one place, create a landing page, and connect with your target audience.

If you do not have an email list then you can create one using the sign up forms or newsletter functions provided by these email marketing software. 

Almost every email marketing software provides a free service using which you can send a minimum number of emails for free, and after a point you need to pay if you wish to avail premium services.

A few statistics about email marketing that will excite you…

  1. By 2023, global email marketing users will go as high as 4.3 Billion (Statista, 2020).
  2. By 2022, 347.3 Billion emails will be sent and received on a daily basis (Statista, 2020).
  3. DMA says you can expect $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing.
  4. 87% of the marketers use email marketing  (Content Marketing Institute, 2019).
  5. Email marketing is quite helpful in retaining a customer, the percentage cna go as high as 80%.
  6. Welcome mails have a high open rate, as high as 82% (GetResponse, 2017) (This can be a best place to do up sales)

Top Email Marketing Software.

Here is the list of top email marketing software, these are the ones we are using and sharing it with you.


Mailchimp allows you to reach your customers and helps you to achieve your business goals. 

Amit blogwala on Mail Chimp

Mail chimp allows you to;

  • Build a free website.
  • Launch an online store.
  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Book a domain.
  • Build an email list.
  • Create a landing page.
  • Run digital ads.
  • Send printed postcards.

With Mailchimp you can also manage your audience, through

  • Marketing CRM.
  • Sign up forms.
  • Customer segmentation.
  • Behavioral targeting.
  • Allows you to put customized tags and contract profiles.

Mailchimp Pricing Strategy.

Mail chimp offers a free subscription model, which allows you to 

  • Build 2000 contacts.
  • Free marketing CRM.
  • Creative assistant that can help you to design your creatives.
  • Website builder and Mailchimp domain.
  • Forms and Landing Pages.

For the paid pricing model Mailchimp offers 3 plans.

  • Essentials.
  • Standard.
  • Premium.

Visit here for detailed information.

Get Response

Get response is one of the most loved email marketing tools among the digital marketer community.

Amit Blogwala on Get Response

Get response allows you to :

  • Grow your audience

  • Engage with customers

  • Sell your knowledge

  • Boost online sales

Get response provides a personalized tools for everyone, you can be

  • An entrepreneur.
  • An online marketer.
  • A marketing manager.
  • Large companies.

You get it all;

  • Email Marketing.
  • Website builder
  • Paid ads
  • Sales funnels
  • Pop up forms
  • Autoresponders
  • Marketing Automation
  • Website tracking
  • Live and on-demand webinars
  • Transactional mail
  • Dedicated Support

Get response claims to be used by the 100000+ businesses across the globe.

Get Response Pricing Strategy

Get response provides a 30 days free trial, where in which all that you need to do is sign up and avail;

  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Space for up to 1000 contacts. 
  • AI-powered, code-free website builder
  • Marketing automation
  • Highly engaging webinars.
  • Webforms and surveys
  • Advanced analytics and testing tools
  • Automated sales, lead and webinar funnels

You do not need to have a credit card to avail free service.

For paid plans visit here

Active Campaign

Allows you to automate your email marketing campaigns, powered with professionally designed email templates. Active campaigns provides a drag and drop email designer tool that is manageable with a few clicks. 

Amit Blogwala on Active Campaigns

Active campaigns provide one of the best email marketing automation, allowing you to use segmentation and making targeting further easy. 

Active campaigns claims to be the #1 email marketing software for 

  • Ecommerce company.
  • B2C Companies.
  • B2B Companies.

Helping them in 

  • Increase reach and engage.
  • Nurture and educate.
  • Convert and close.
  • Support and grow.

Active campaigns provides

  • Email Marketing Automation.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • CRM & Sales Automation.
  • Landing page.
  • SMS integration.
  • Web personalization.
  • Social media integration.

Can be easily integrated with;

  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • WordPress

Active Campaigns Pricing strategy.

Provides a free trial version.

For paid version visit here

Mailer Lite

Mailer lite is considered as one of the easiest email marketing software to use, and considerably an economical one. 

Amit Blogwala on Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite Allows you to:

  • Create email marketing.
  • Grow email marketing.
  • Optimize email marketing.
  • Automate email marketing.
  • Sell with email marketing.

Mailer Lite Provides:

  • Email campaigns.
  • Automation.
  • Pop-ups.
  • Website.
  • Sell Digital.

Mailer Lite can be integrated with:

  • E-commerce.
  • Pop-ups.
  • Landing Page.
  • Sign up forms.
  • CRM tools.
  • Author tools.
  • Featured tools.

Mailer Lite Pricing strategy.

Provides a free subscription for 1000 subscribers and 12000 monthly emails along with this mailer lite also provides 14 days free access to all of its premium services. 

For paid plans visit here


These are my favorite pick for an email marketing software to be used in 2022. If you have not started yet, just go to any one of these and start creating your email list.

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