How to do keyword research?

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To be very true

I had no idea whether I will ever be able to pull it off or not.

I don’t know technicalities of digital marketing, and I don’t feel bad about it.

Look, all that matters is, what I am doing right now.

I have created an agency.

People know me.

They connect to my offering.

For me, that’s all.

That’s all that matters.

I am not going to feel self-pity about something that I don’t know.

Look this is how I take it,

What matters is, “BEING AWARE”.

I am aware of market trends,

I know which personality type of people is going to buy a given product and who is not.

I know how to target them.

I know which type of connecting they will connect with most, be it video, be it text, be it audio, be it images.

I know,

at what time they eat, 

at what time they sleep, 

at what time they work

At what time they are on social media platforms,

At what time they watch the video.

At what time they engage more with the content.

Now, do you want to know?

How I know it.

I know it through data.

Digital marketing is all about data analysis.

Whenever you run any campaign you get data.

all that you need to do is to analyse it.

And, to you analyse it you don’t need to be a research and analysis scholar.

All that you need to be is “A BIT SMART”.

Tools have made data analysis very easy.

You just need to spend some times on these tools.

You will know everything.


What you should do to be a successful digital marketer?

First of all,

Spend time on google, ubersuggest and other keyword analysis tool and learn about “KEYWORDS”.

If you are able to understand the role of keywords in digital marketing, 

Bro, boom.

You got it.

Your sales funnel starts with a browser using a keyword on the internet platform.

So, for your sales funnel to generate revenue, it gets very much important for you to understand the keyword.

Let’s see what is this keyword all about,

What is the keyword?

KEYWORD is a word through which a browser reaches to your website.

For example;

You are selling shoes on your website.

I go to a web browser and type “ Buy Shoe Online”, 

now if you have optimised your website for “ Buy Shoe Online”,

Than web browser will show me your webpage, and if I like your content I will click on your link and visit your website.

So here, “Buy Shoe Online” becomes a keyword.

Here comes a question,

How many types of keywords are there?

There are around 7 to 9 types of keywords, but we are going to focus on a few in this blog.

  1. Short – tail.
  2. Long-tail.
  3. Trending Short term keywords.
  4. Winner Keyword. (Long – term evergreen keyword)
  5. Exact match (Product defining keyword)
  6. Location Focused Keyword (Geo-Targeting Keyword)
  7. LSI Keywords.

To be continued.

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