5 Things To Be Absolutely Clear On While Creating a Micro Niche Blog in 2022

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Amit Blogwala

One of the frequently asked questions on google is “ Is it possible to make money through micro niche blogging in 2022?”. The answer is “YES”, it is.

Is Creating micro niche blogs in 2022 profitable?

Yes, you can monetize a blog, gone are the days when a blogger had to rely on AdSense to make money. Today, we have many ways to do it, like

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Digital Product Launch.
  • Selling e-book.
  • Sales of merchandise.
  • Writing reviews
  • Guest Post.

All that you need to do is build a traffic source around your blog and keep finding sources to make money.

To build traffic you need to establish your authority in a micro niche, by helping people find solutions for their problems. This will help you establish yourself as an influencer as well.

In this blog I am going to share  a few very important things that you should keep in your mind about micro niche blogging.

It takes time to build micro niche blog

Let’s be clear about this, you will need hard work of 8 to 12 months to build a micro niche blog, and you need to stay focused. 

You may not get any traffic in the initial days but do not lose hope, keep doing the work and building links, and promote your blog posts wherever possible.

Start your blogging journey, choose your keywords wisely, and make proper backlinks.

Provide solution

If you are writing a blog to make money, forget it. Write a blog to give solutions for the real time problems that your target audience is facing, help them. 

People are not ready to read long paragraphs, what they want is a short and simple solution to their problems. Create a blog that inspires your readers to take action. 

Make it a mix of photos, infographics, videos or podcasts if possible. Make it interactive.

Do not rely on 1 source of income

Once you start getting a decent traffic do not just wait for google AdSense approval, start finding the source of income, it can be through

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Banner ads
  • Local ads 
  • Sales of eBook
  • Sell courses.

Support your blog

You just can not rely on 1 source of traffic for your blog, work on building different sources of traffic for your blog, like

  • Build an Instagram handle add value in the growth journey of your target audience and help them achieve their goals.
  • Add content on Pinterest, link your blog post and divert your traffic.
  • Generate views on Quora and transfer that traffic to your blog.
  • Build an email list and share your new blog.

Build multiple blogs

Do not rely on 1 blog as well, build multiple blogs based on high value keywords and make most of it. Your one blog may work, one may not so keep working on as many blogs as possible. 

Takeaway would be to keep working with a focused approach and following the right set of practices, results will come. Micro niche still has a lot to offer. Just go ahead and start working on Creating micro niche blogs in 2022.


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