Digital Marketing Strategy For A SAAS Product.

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Welcome to this blog post.

This blog post will help SAAS product based company to create “Digital Marketing Strategy For A SAAS Product.”.

Having said that it will also help digital marketing agencies and freelancers to create Digital Marketing Strategy for their clients.

Here for reference, we will use the company/product name as XYZ.

Let’s start.

To keep things simple, this is not the final Digital Marketing Strategy draft.

There can be many other ways as well, we are going to discuss the minimum/least activity that you can do to execute a successful product launch for your SAAS product.

Moving on.

XYZ is a software testing technique that tests the final result achieved/generated and compares it with the expected result. 

XYZ’s minimum viable product is ready and it is still in the product development phase.

SAAS company has 4 major life stages;

  1. Pre – Start-Up
  2. Startup
  3. Growth.
  4. Maturity (Saturation).
  5. Decline.

XYZ as a SAAS company is in Pre – Start-up phase, by Pre – Startup I mean;

  • The company is still creating/finalizing MVP.
  • Fonder is still trying to find its first potential customer.
  • No or very little marketing effort.

In a Pre – start-up phase, XYZ needs to focus on one thing to achieve its business goal.


How is it possible?

XYZ needs to do the following;

  1. Reach to gatekeepers in companies: This gatekeeper can be anyone’s family members, friends. 
  2. Network: It can be both online and off-line. Find a perfect balance of online strategies and off-line connecting and meeting people, telling them about what your product is, telling them how XYZ solves any or many existing testing issues, creating a desire to use the product helps.
  3. Use Digital Marketing: This blog is all about the digital marketing plan for a SAAS and will be discussed in brief.


A few suggestions that can help XYZ in promoting itself to its target market;

  1. Website: In the present digital era, the website plays a very important role in creating trust among the target market. People check/validate the digital presence of any company that they want to work with. XYZ needs a website that is informative and tells people,


To achieve this we recommend;

  • Need to revamp the website design.
  • Use compelling content.
  • SMART use of call to action buttons.
  • Usage of the product image.
  • Product demo video.
  • Use of testimonials (If any).
  • Newsletter subscription.
  • Live chat option. 

2. Landing Page: A landing page is different from the website, the landing page is more specific and goal-oriented. A landing page is always goal-based. 

Why is landing page important;

  • It will be used to generate sign-ups. 
  • Browsers coming from paid ads will be redirected to a landing page.

3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is getting bigger and better, many companies are generating quality leads using LinkedIn. For XYZ LinkedIn acts as a direct database to talk to its target market. Be it companies or professionals, everyone is available there, so promoting XYZ on LinkedIn can be helpful. 

To generate leads through LinkedIn, we recommend;

  • Creation and optimization of the XYZ LinkedIn page.
  • Creation and usage of the Founders LinkedIn page.
  • Joining the relevant LinkedIn group.
  • Asking for/receiving recommendations and endorsements.
  • Usage of showcase page. 
  • Blogs.
  • Paid ads.

4. Facebook Page: Facebook page is just a social signature, it is important for the remarketing purpose. 

5. Use Influencer marketing: Influencers are the people who have created a niche for themselves and have trusted and loyal followers. There is a need to connect with relevant influencers on the internet who can;

  • Link XYZ’s website in their digital handle.
  • Create a short introduction video for XYZ and promote it on its handle.
  • Recommend XYZ in their network. 

6. Video Marketing: In the next decade video marketing is going to generate a lot of traffic for the companies. Video marketing can be used;

  • In website to generate awareness, to provide product knowledge.
  • In the form of ads on YouTube and other video streaming ads.

      XYZ needs to create the following types  of videos;

  • XYZ’s Demo video.
  • Event videos: These videos are recorded at any of the offline events that XYZ attends.
  • Team interviews: Team members recording short videos about the product or industry.
  •  Sales Videos: Maximum 3 mins videos.
  • Live videos: This is for SOCIAL media platforms.

7. YouTube Channel: 

8. SEO: SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization plays a very vital role in generating quality traffic and increasing conversion rates. Quality SEO work is important to bring the website in the top 10 searches (Or page 1) for the selected keyword. This is a long term process and requires a consistent effort. 

9. Paid Ads: Paid ads can be shown on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or on any relevant internet marketing platforms. Paid ads are used to generate quick results and to create a list of free sign-ups. These leads (Free Sign-Ups) can be nurtured and converted into sales.

10. Email Marketing: Email marketing is the best way to engage and nurture the leads in the sales funnel. An automated email marketing campaign can increase conversion rates. 

11. Blog: A strategically created blogs can help XYZ in connecting with its prospects, leads, customers, or any stakeholders. Being smarter than the competition is something that XYZ needs to focus on. 

       A few examples of the blogs category would be;

  • Why XYZ?
  • How XYZ solve the issues?
  • Product info.
  • About new functionality release.
  • About industry.
  • FAQs about the product.


We need to understand that digital marketing is all about testing, analyzing and then continuing with the best tactics. 

What works today may not work tomorrow, and for that purpose, we need to keep on upgrading and improving the content strategy for all different digital platforms. 

Digital marketing platforms are just a touchpoint, which helps your prospects/leads to connect with you. 

And, we are here to make these touch-points worth effective.

Creating Digital Marketing Strategy For An SAAS Product is not that difficult if you find it difficult to just do some competitive analysis.  See what competitors are doing to understand their strategies and learn from their execution and implementation.

If you still have difficulties, please connect us.

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