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Khadim’s New Ad

By February 27, 2022April 22nd, 2022No Comments1 min read

Khadim’s based in Kolkata, started operating in 1981 as a footwear brand.  

It recently aired a video ad and I am in love with music, its lyrics, the way it is shot, models being used and the overall experience it creates.

Creative agency (graphixstory) has done a very good job in connecting the emotions with the product.

Right from the first frame, the shoes got my attention and thanks to lyrics and music I was hooked with the frames. 

My favourite line from the ad is

“ Tere rootten ki wajah na hona chahoon 

Tujhse bin mile Kahn na Jaoon”

Midway around the frame captures smiles of the models and believe me you will smile along.

Click here and watch the ad.

As a marketer, learn how to establish human emotions between the product and its target audience.

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