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Modern Day Love Mumbai Review

Have you watched – Modern Day Love Mumbai on Amazon Prime?

Watch the trailer.

No, okay here is our review, hope it will help you decide whether to watch it or pick something else. 

What is love?

Is it easy to differentiate between attraction and love?

How do you balance expectations in love life?

Have you confessed your sexual fantasies to that person? 

Or how will you define self-love?

The answer can be found in this 6 part anthology.

The series is based on love and Mumbai, and Mumbai surprises you every day. 

Just like Mumbai love can be liberating yet damn limiting at times.

Does the story justify the title? 

Well, you got to watch the series and tell. 

Six directors crafted the theme in different ways. 

You will encounter not only love but the encircled emotions and problems faced in modern days.

The storylines are very common though, the endings are different. 

Stories on homosexuality, self-love, or possessive love will be served to you on a different platter.

Some stories will linger on and some are one-time watches. ‘Raatrani’ by Sonali Bose outlines the story of the self-exploration of a young Kashmiri woman (starring Fatima Sana Seikh). 

I love the story mostly because it symbolizes Raat rani. 

Portraying the depiction of homosexuality is nothing extraordinary. The conflict comes when it comes to confessing to the family.

Manju (Pratik Gandhi) creates tension when he tries to open up to his bai (Tanuja). Will she accept it? 

All I can say, the conclusion will be different.

This particular anthology gives enough portrayal of Mumbai, from Local train to suburb Thane. The soul sister of New York, Mumbai is sketched as breaking the stereotype.

Some story development is slow. Redundant stretching can make you feel uninterested. Fine actors make the last effort to elevate the story.

Three stories justify enough the title and are worth watching.

As every story depicts an individual episode, you can choose according to your choice.

All stories might not satisfy your taste but watching them once over a weekend with a cutting chai is not a bad idea.

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