SEO is not dying, its getting more personalised.

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First of all, tell me one thing…

“What made you think that SEO is ever going to die?”



What’s the full form of SEO?

Its, Search Engine Optimisation.



Now tell me one thing.

Do you think Search engines are ever going to die?

If, ever — YES.

Then, yes.

SEO will die that day.

Until then it’s very much there and equally important.

By the way, I totally understand what made you think “SEO is ever going to die”.

Stop reading the morons who write about it and is gaining publicity.

It’s just like people saying the world is going to meet its end one day.

Hell, yeah.

Even I know, one day surely it is.

So, what should I do?

Should I stop earning money?

Should I stop eating food?

Should I stop loving my family?

No, right.

So, let’s move on.

SEO is not dying anywhere in the near future.

Ok, let me tell you why it’s going to stay.

To Start With;

What is SEO?

SEO also is known as Search Engine Optimisation, is the usage of best practices to rank a keyword in the first page of the search engines to ensure the increase in browsers traffic to the website and improve the traffic quality.

Let’s see a few numbers about search engines;

With the data like above for searches, do you really think SEO is going to die?

SEO is not dying, it’s just evolving.

Now, what matters is, is your business ready for the changes that are happening on internet/web marketing.  

  1. Internet is not going anywhere: Until unless government across the globe does not decide to shut down the internet, SEO is going to stay.
  2. Search Engines are there to help people get the most relevant and best answer to the search/query that they have.
  3. Search engines across the globe are collecting tons and tons of data to refine the search results.
  4. Search engines are in the business of ranking products/business, so if you want your website to rank on the first page then start optimizing your website as per search engine requirement.
  5. Search Engines loves the brand and users connect: If you are a brand and are able to create touchpoints with the customers. Google or any search engine will love you if your customers are interacting with you using different digital touch points. 
  6. Google ranking wins you the race: Google is the undisputed winner of a google search engine, so if you are ranking on page 1 of Google then you are already winning the race against your competition.

Must to do things to achieve rankings in Search Engines.

Here is the list of a few must-do things to rank in search engines on the first page;

  1. Create a mobile-friendly website.
  2. Keep your website load time under 3 to 5 secs. 
  3. Set – up google business and 
  4. Use your keywords very much wisely. Do not overstuff your website with keywords.
  5. Focus on publishing high quality and relevant content.
  6. Use blog. Keep the word count well above 1000 words/blog.
  7. Create a heading which is worth clickable.
  8. Use verified data in your website or blog, and connect them with the source website.
  9. Optimize the images.
  10. Use images, videos, audios, and slide shares to your website or blog. 
  11. Call to action buttons should be used wisely.
  12.  Use infographics in your website/blogs.

You can check this blog as well and do SEO on your own.


To keep things simple, SEO is not going to die. So stop thinking about it and start working on your website to rank them on search engines. 

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