Develop a consistent posting schedule for Social media

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Social media marketing is playing a very important role in helping companies build awareness.

And, it can only work for you if post consistently on social media platforms.

If you believe that you will be posting on any given time with an odd gaps between 2 posts, let me tell you this – Your posts will not grow.

There is certainly no way you can grow on social media platforms without being consistent for atlas 6 months.

Remember, the more you present yourself in front of your target audience – the more you become visible and the probability of your growth increases.

Moving on.

I personally believe that you should be posting on at least 3 social media platforms.

Now, there is no hard and fast rule for which one to choose and which one to leave, but a mix of 3 where your target audience spends most of his/her time is always appreciated and gives the best result.

Every niche has its own target audience using different social media platforms, here is the list of platforms and the activity that you should be putting on.

  • Facebook – 2 to 4 daily posts (Pics/Videos)
  • Instagram – 1 to 3 daily posts (Pics/Videos/reels)
  • Linkedin – 1 to 3 weekly posts (articles/Pics/Videos)
  • Twitter – 12 + daily tweets
  • Pintrest – 3 to 4 daily posts (Pics/Infographics)
  • YouTube – 2 to 3 daily posts (Videos/posts)
  • Snapchat – 5+ daily pics.

Let me be clear, there is no upper limit for the number of posts you make.

But, I would recommend you to maintain a balance between the number of posts on each platforms. Do not over burn yourself.

Understand that each and every individual has his/her own limitations.

Do not spend all of your time on making and posting content only – Remember Engagement matters.

NOTE: Maintain time slots for your posts. Do not experiment much with that.

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